Words of Wisdom

by sassandbite

“The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on — it is never of any use to oneself.” –Oscar Wilde


1. The expression is “I couldn’t care less”. If you say “I could care less”, it means you do care to some degree, which is probably not what you meant to say. Or maybe it is, what do I know. But if that’s true it defeats the whole purpose, in which case you’re wasting everyone’s time.

2. Just because you know what you like doesn’t mean you should only like what you know.

3. Ghiradelli brownie mix ≥ brownies from scratch.

4. Everything worth knowing in life can be learned from a Disney movie.

5. Seize any opportunity to use face-paint.

6. Don’t text and drive. Trust me, nobody cares that much what you have to say. And trust me, nobody else has anything to say that you should care that much about.

7. Don’t eat Taco Bell. It will give you cancer.

8. Boys who aren’t nice to their mothers are not to be trusted.

9. Stop trying to bring lucite heels back. This is stripper territory, and not in a fun way. There will never be a time when this is not stripper territory.

10. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

11. The possibility that you could end the night skinny dipping should be always in the back of your mind. Think of this as you get ready.