Things I Will Do This Summer

by sassandbite


Despite the cloudy skies here in LA today, I’m pretty stoked for summer. I mean, I’m living on a couch and out of a suitcase, I’ve yet to find a job, and not a single wealthy man has asked to be my sugar daddy, but it’s hard to be pessimistic or irritable in the summer. The heat is invigorating, the food is fresh, the colors are bright, the days are longer and the dresses are shorter — what’s not to love? This is my annual Summer To-Do List — what’s on yours?

Learn to play poker, for real this time

Watch the sunrise at least once

Have a game night with my littlest cousin

Eat grilled fruit with ice cream on the reg

Make up for my last disastrous attempt at sangria; drink all of it

Take a bar-tending class

Reunite with old friends on a roadtrip

Make ice cream

Many BBQ’s, picnics, cocktails hours, and hikes

Eat a Wendy’s Frosty. I’ve never had one, but it seems like one of those crazy things I should do before I die.


Let’s see what kind of shenanigans we can get into.