Pretty Things I Want, Nay, NEED.

by sassandbite

. . . But probably can’t have because I should be exercising some restraint. Maybe.

I’ve been obsessed with finding a solid gold-plate belt for the last few months. I think it started with an episode of Game of Thrones in which Circe wore one and I was like, wow, that would be sensational. In real life. On me.


ASOS Plate Detail Elastic Waist Belt [$24]

This is the right idea, but ideally I’d like gold all the way around.

ASOS Double Plate and Spike Detail

ASOS Double Plate and Spike Detail [$12]

This is not what I went looking for, but it’s amazing anyway and I want it. To quote that sensational film, The Devil Wears Prada, when choosing between two belts, “it’s a tough call. They’re both so different. . . ”
I think that means I need both.


Meh. Cool in it’s own way, but I feel like the loops are an invitation for people to hang on to you. Not in the fun way.


Chictopia Gold Mirror Wide Plate Belt [$38]

Now THIS looks promising. I might have to do it.

From my Pinterest, in case you need a visual:



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