Buddha and Jewels

by sassandbite


I’ve been on the hunt for a Buddha statue to drape my necklaces over forever. I still haven’t found quite what I’m looking for, but after I found this baby and spruced it up a bit, it’ll do nicely for holding my many rings and a few shorter necklaces. I stumbled across it at Ross, of all places, and even though it was shiny white ceramic and kind of tacky looking, I instantly saw potential.

First, I sanded it down lightly with sandpaper; I tried 220 at first but it was too fine so I switched to 150. It didn’t do much to the glaze, as far as I could tell, except for some microscopic scratches, but it did enough to hold a primer. It should be noted that I did somewhat fear karmic repercussions from the universe as I was sanding down Buddha’s face. But clearly I got over it. I did one coat of white primer and let it dry for two hours.


Then I broke out the spray paint — I used Krylon Hammered Finish in Dark Bronze, which I got  at Michael’s; I initially considered gold, my go-to, but I didn’t want it to compete with the jewelry. Then I toyed with the idea of a stone finish, possibly in a lighter color. Then I saw this dark metallic hammered finish I knew it would be perfect — neutral enough to enhance rather than clash with the jewelry, but still sleek.

Now matte after a coat of primer

Now matte after a coat of primer

With most spray paint, you want to hold it about 8 inches away from what you’re painting and move in smooth, overlapping strips. WIth this one, however, I realized you have to get right up close and get it on there thickly if you want the hammered effect to show — otherwise it just comes out a gunmetal grey.

Ta-da! The Finished Product

Ta-da! The Finished Product

All told, this little guy cost about $20. Whaaaat. So easy.