Just Showing off My Future Husband

by sassandbite

While in the midst of a YouTube wormhole, I was lured to this video by the promise of two of my favorite things: fancy grilled cheeses and Seth Myers.

Picture 1


I’ve been trying to keep this on the DL, but Seth and I will be tying the knot and making babies with enchanting dimples and a wicked sense of humor. . . sometime in the near future. As soon as he breaks up with his totally unattractive and contributing-nothing-to-society human rights lawyer “fiancé”. God, she is such dead weight.

For the record though, even with my infamous bitch face, I still smile more than her. I mean, how can you be that monotone with that standing in front of you making witty comments?

Anyway. Check it out, he’s totally charming and good-looking and funny, as per usual. And that sandwich looks bomb. Even though technically his girlfriend’s brother made it, but whatever.

I can cook for both of us, Seth. You just stand there and look pretty.