Things I Want, Nay NEED : Showgirl Edition

by sassandbite

When I was a kid, there was some concern that I would go on to become a Vegas Showgirl. My family and their friends (mostly) affectionately referred to it as my Hispanic side, because I preferred clothing that was sequined, fringed, feathered, rhinestoned, furred — or all of the above — along with vivid colors and dramatic shapes. All dresses and skirts had to be either very tailored or extremely twirly or pouffy.  My mother ended up picking out my First Communion dress because she was so alarmed at my insistence on a hoop skirt.

Basically, I had fantastic taste.

Although on a day-to-day basis I’m now more likely to favor a more minimalist chic (or hippie-luxe-which-is-actually-more-like-upscale-hobo if I’m feeling lazy and we’re being honest) aesthetic, I still love to rock one of my drag queen pieces for effect. I have, for instance, been known to wear a black fox fur as a scarf.

So naturally, I have a deep need for a feather skirt.

I mean. Look at it. How chic and gorgeous and punchy is that? I must have it.

Picture 1
Obviously one cannot live on black alone. So here’s a lovely oyster grey. Or maybe something even more feminine and pink:


Please don’t carry a small dog with it, though. It’s all I ask.

t can even be casual if you wear it with a simple shirt, question mark? Possibly that’s a stretch, but I don’t even care.


This one, and the pink one above, are from the same Allure editorial. It’s Kate Spade and it’s $700, soooo that’s not happening. But I will find one, and it will be sensational.

So who’s willing to be seen in public with me in it?