Things I’m Thankful For

by sassandbite

Happy Thanksgiving er’body!

#TBT. Hint: this is nowhere near California.

#TBT to one of the only autumnal pictures I have. Hint: this is nowhere near California.

I hope you all have a day filled with great food, more wine (and champagne) than that wedding that Jesus went to, and no (lasting) family drama.

My Thanksgiving motto? If at the end you’re not contemplating bulimia, you’re doing it wrong.

A few of the many things I’m grateful for this year:

. . . family that puts up with their 22 year-old daughter who has not always taken well to living at home once again.

. . . friends who know exactly what I’m thinking when I give them a single look as we’re being cornered in a bar by random people from high school that we don’t want to talk to.

. . . my kitty cat and my total airhead of a dog.

. . . my striped shirt from Zara that I’ve been wearing constantly because it might be the most perfect cold-weather shirt in the history of the world. 

. . . my secret boyfriend. 

And a lot of other things.

I’ve got it pretty good.