Things I Can’t: Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

by sassandbite

I swear on my life I will leave this country.

A conveniently multi-ethnic-but-nothing-too-dark,-mostly-just-slightly-exotic group of rich kids

A conveniently multi-ethnic-but-nothing-too-dark,-mostly-just-slightly-exotic group of rich kids

I cannot any more with this shit.

I may or may not be late to the game here, I don’t know because I don’t have cable, so I’m (thankfully) not aware of most of the things that are floating around on there. But I was house-sitting this weekend and flipped past E! and stumbled upon an ad for this monstrosity of a television show, where I heard such gems as “Dom is better than Cristal. Don’t believe the hype” coming from the  mouth of some 16 year old twat whose taste buds aren’t even developed enough to tell the difference between Dom and Andre. Bitch, please.

Far be it from me to infringe on anyone’s creativity or free speech — even though I think we can all agree that this hardly counts as creativity since it is, as The Hollywood Reporter points out, basically a rip-off of Rich Kids of Instagram — but I really just think the people responsible for this should be shot in the face.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that we have the kids these days (good-for-nothing rapscallions!) doing shit like this in the first place, we’re now rewarding them by putting them on TV and inspiring other idiots to aspire to the same. Don’t get me wrong, I am an American. And a lover of beauty and quality and Chanel.  I have no problem with people amassing fortunes or appreciating luxury. But this is offensive to me.

Also, what the fuck, that one guy in the photo is balding. He’s clearly like 40 years old. And Chris Martin’s brother. What.