Kids these Days and Their New-fangled Hot Chocolate

by sassandbite

I’m confused by the concept of frozen hot chocolate.


Maybe I’m being obtuse, but does that not make it. . . a chocolate milk shake? I cannot fathom this. But I keep seeing recipes for it, and of course Serendipity has always been famous for it. I mean it looks good. But then again, milkshakes pretty much always look good to me. And this is clearly a milkshake, yeah?

I don’t get it and I think it’s making things harder than it needs to be. Let’s just call it what it is.

Also I stumbled across this recipe for how to make hot chocolate without a recipe, which sends my brain into a confusing paradoxical wormhole for a number of reasons.

Picture 6


I feel I don’t need to point out why this makes no sense. I haven’t bothered to actually follow the link and investigate, mind you. I’m just making a snap judgement. Keeps things interesting.

But also, really, who the hell needs a recipe to make hot chocolate? Besides orphans maybe.
Seems like a waste of internet.

This is all totally inconsequential, obviously. I just really like hot chocolate, and now I feel like I can’t even keep up anymore.