Unpopular and Unsolicited Opinions

by sassandbite

1. Justin Timberlake is a terrible actor. I’m sorry. This is not up for discussion. Just because you think he’s hot or a good singer or whatever does not negate the fact that he is not a good actor and he needs to stop.

Also, he’s an asshole.

2. I don’t really understand why Beyonce is such a big deal. I mean, her music is cool enough and her hair always looks great, but no more so than anyone else. I’m convinced she’s a huge deal only because she declared herself a a huge deal.

Holy shit I may have just struck upon the secret to life.

Besides: Destiny’s Child. That’s a big deal.

4. Beyonce is a terrible actor. See above.

5. Victoria’s Secret models are not fashion models. They are catalogue models, and mostly interchangeable. Call me a snob, go ahead. But it’s true.

6. All-white spaces are not chic or airy or serene. They’re cold, sterile, and reminiscent of mental hospitals.

7. Giving every kid on the team a trophy and an award just for being on said team is bullshit.

8. Not allowing anyone to bring any nut products to school ever is bullshit. We all did it, and we’re all still alive. Except that one kid I didn’t like in fourth grade who somehow ended up with peanut m&m’s instead of regular. But you can’t prove anything. . .

9. Robin Thicke has rape eyes.

10. Carrie Bradshaw was kind of a selfish, shallow gold digger who clung to her party lifestyle for an embarrassingly long time and did a lot of annoying things what weren’t as endearing as she thought.

Because I like to end things on a positive note, her wardrobe was pretty outstanding.