I Know What You’re All Thinking, and I’m Seething and I’m Devastated, but I’m Working Through It

by sassandbite

I’m holding up all right — for now. I just need some time.

It just feels like a personal affront, you know? Like, I know it isn’t, and it’s bigger than me and a lot of people are affected. But honestly, I almost feel like Anna singled me out and it’s like she doesn’t even care anymore. Like she’s more interested in shock than anything else.

And I used to like that about her, her willingness to test boundaries, but at this point I just think she’s gone too far. I’m still reeling.

I just. . . them. On the cover. Him. But especially her.

And if I’m feeling this way, I can’t even imagine how Victoria Beckham is feeling. Let’s all keep her in mind today.

When my issue comes, I may have to cover it over with a paper cover, like pervs used to do in the 40’s or whatever so they could read smutty magazines in public. That’s how strongly I feel about this. I don’t even want to look at it.