Mondays are Hard.

by sassandbite

Let me help you procrastinate.

What Planet are You On?

Furthering my belief that Londoners do everything better, Coco’s Tea Party has informed me that Anya Hindmarch has a new exhibit at her Mayfair store featuring personalized horoscope/zodiac info and also candy. You input your name and birthdate into the machine and it spits out a scroll with a bunch of cool facts about you and your date, and also a lollipop. These happen to be two of my favorite things.

Just as I was starting to pout because I couldn’t participate, ta-da!, I discovered you can do it online. And it’s really cool. It has your typical astrological this-is-what-you’re-like tidbits, and also things like your signs under different zodiacs, the top song on the day you were born (I clearly get my affection for sequins and leather from Cher), your age broken down into every possible numeration (I’m just over 726 million seconds old, as it turns out), and even unsolicited information about the date you were likely conceived. I’m on to you, mom and dad.

Also, it confirmed by belief that I should just be a world leader. So, you know, I’m on board.

Here’s the link, check it out: