People of Pinterest: And Now, a Word from Captain Obvious

by sassandbite

See here for previous installments of People of Pinterest, my new series that will showcase the idiocy, unjustifiable smugness, and creative use of grammar and spelling that are so often posted in comments and on captions by every internet bully, basement-dweller looking to anonymously pick a fight with strangers, and self-proclaimed health expert on the wondrous site that is Pinterest. Enjoy.

Picture 8

First off, a sincere, non-mocking congratulations for the post itself. I just want to thank whoever at The Coveteur is responsible for this. Well done.

I’d also like to thank Gabriella, for helpfully pointing out the subtle photoshop work that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

*P.S. The original article is really funny, even if you’ve never watched Ja’mie or Summer Heights High.